Nukes, Narcissism and Daffy Duck

By Major Van Harl, USAF Ret.

You have this child who thinks he knows everything. He has completed a semester at the local junior college, so of course he is well educated in world politics. With his limited years of wisdom he decides to make a negative comment in class about the current leader of your state. One of the students in the class calls the leader�s office and denounces your son for "plotting against the state." The police come in the middle of the night and take your son away.

But it does not stop there. The law of the land about sedition requires that three generations of your son�s family must be arrested and removed from the community. Since your son has no children the police arrest you & your spouse and your parents. All of you are sent to a work camp hidden in the country where you will spend the next ten to twelve years performing slave labor growing food for the state.

You are pregnant, carrying a new baby sister for your son with the political ideas. As soon as you get to the work camp you will be forced to abort the baby. The guards get promoted based on their cruelty to the prisoners in the camp, and in their zeal to punish new internees they beat your father to death. Of course, none of your family members have ever seen the inside of a courtroom that addressed your legal case, and you never will.

While in the camp you notice that the average prisoner is six to eight inches shorter than people who live in the country just to the south. Malnutrition has been a major issue in your country for almost 50 years. Over two million members of your nation have died of starvation. Sixty percent of the population works to support the elite forty percent, and what is left is distributed to the remaining masses.

These are not small work camps / gulags. They range in size from 50,000 to 200,000 people in one camp. They are small cities that do nothing but produce food and consumable goods that will be marked "made in China" and sold to the free world.

In your work camp 20 to 25 percent of the prisoners will died each year, as they are literally worked and starved to death. There is no medical help for the prisoners so this too contributes to the high death rate. Your tiny state has the fifth largest standing army in the world. In your work camps you perpetually manufacture military hardware and now you have made a nuclear bomb, because you think the rest of the world sees what you have and will invade any day to take it from you.

You are not really worried, because the countries to the west of you love you (you think) and cannot wait to see what narcissist actions you will next demonstrate. Also, the nation to the east and just across a small sea has a constitution that forces them to be pacifists, so they will never do anything about your "evil empire" actions.

There is however a positive side to all of this. Your second non-elected leader for life has the world�s largest collection of Daffy Duck cartoons. In fact, that love for Daffy Duck was a driving force behind the number two leader�s son trying to escape from your country, so he could go to Disney Land.

Of course, this all sounds like some deranged poli-sci class term paper. What I am writing about is North Korea. If North Korea was not so dangerous they would be laughed at, as a pathetic joke. They are the most isolated nation in the world and now they have a nuclear weapon. They don�t have a missile delivery system yet, but they could put the weapon on a ship with Japanese markings and sail into Yokohama harbor and detonate it. The Koreans (both North & South) hate the Japanese.

Do not be surprised if Japan votes to change Article 9 of their constitution, which bars their military from participating in war. If they do vote a change, I will suggest that within six months Japan will have their own nukes. They have the material and technology to build them now and their nukes will be world class. Daffy Duck painted on the side of a nuclear weapon headed for Tokyo equates to a dangerous destabilization in Asia.

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Copyright 2007 by Major Van Harl, USAF Ret. All rights reserved.

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