Pachmayr Presentation Revolver Grips

By Chuck Hawks

Presentation grips
Illustration courtesy of Pachmayr.

Pachmayr was the first, and remains the best known, manufacturer of rubber handgun grips. Pachmayr, now a division of Lyman Products Corporation, manufactures seven lines of revolver grips and five lines of autoloading pistol grips, plus a few specialty grips for shotguns, etc. Pachmayr also offers other shooting accessories including their famous recoil pads.

The Presentation grips that are the subject of this review were the first grips designed by Frank Pachmayr. These are black rubber grips of the "target" style available for most revolvers. Pachmayr grips are made from real rubber compounds, not synthetics. For years Pachmayrs have been among the grips supplied as original equipment by Colt.

I know something about Pachmayr Presentation grips, having used them for over 20 years on a number of top quality revolvers. Presentation grips feature classic styling with deep checkering and a shiny finish. They are practically indestructible. I regard them as the most comfortable grips available for double action revolvers.

Presentations are ergonomically correct "filler" grips that help practically any handgunner shoot better scores with a DA revolver. The grips cover the backstrap of the revolver, cushioning the palm. And they feel good in the hand.

Their composition helps to absorb recoil, making them particularly appropriate for use on magnum revolvers. This is a hard thing to quantify, since the actual recoil energy of the revolver remains the same. The worse the inherent recoil characteristics of the revolver (i.e., Smith & Wesson), the more Pachmayr grips will help moderate the effect of recoil. However, it is quite evident to the shooter that any powerful DA revolver equipped with Pachmayr grips hurts the hand less than the same revolver with hard (wood, ivory, whatever) grips.

Aesthetically, they have an excellent shape, but black rubber is never going to rival walnut or other decorative woods in appearance, no matter how well shaped the grip may be. On the other hand, black grips look pretty decent on stainless steel guns, making a nice contrast with the silver color of the metal. Visually, Presentation grips are probably at their best on bright nickel-finished guns and/or the mirror polished, stainless steel, Colt Ultimate Python, where they are the standard grips.

As mentioned, I have used Pachmayr Presentation grips on numerous revolvers for many years. At the present time my treasured Colt Diamondbacks and Pythons wear Presentation grips, and I would not have it any other way.

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