Pelican Flashlights

By Chuck Hawks

Pelican ( offers a very extensive line of high performance flashlights. Most have polymer bodies of the same sort used for the famous Pelican cases. This strong, impact resistant plastic makes for a very durable, as well as lightweight, flashlight. Pelican also offers models with aluminum bodies. Most Pelican flashlights use either Xenon bulbs or LED light sources. Sizes vary from the one ounce, LED, clip-on Model VB3 with six lumen output to the 62 ounce Big D hand spotlights with 600 lumen output. Many models are water resistant or fully water proof and in addition to conventional flashlights, the line includes tactical lights, head mounted lights, helmet lights, night vision lights and dive lights.

Pelican flashlights are covered by an "Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence." To summarize, this states that Pelican guarantees the product for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. They add, amusingly, that the Guarantee does not cover, ". . . shark bite, bear attack or children under 5."

The Pelican flashlight that I have used most is the Model 1900 MityLite, a "penlight" size flash complete with integral pocket clip. It is available blister packed with batteries (approx. $14.99) or in a clear plastic case with accessories (approx. $19.99). Amateur astronomers buy the cased set, because it includes a red lens attachment to preserve night vision. There is also a cased set that includes a fiber optic bore light attachment for shooters (approx. $19.99).

The MityLite is waterproof (fully submersible) and emits a powerful, white light from its Xenon tube. I have owned several MityLites over the years and I sold them at retail when I managed a camera store. They are ideal wherever a small, bright flashlight is required. I carry a MityLite in my small hunting fanny pack and another in my astronomical telescope outfit (using the accessory red lens to preserve night vision). When I was working as a professional photographer, I carried one in my camera bag. The point of all this being that a MityLite is small, lightweight, versatile and durable. Here is what Pelican says about the MityLite 1900:

Unlike conventional flashlights that have a yellowish beam, the MityLite 1900 uses a hi-intensity Xenon lamp that produces a powerful, bright beam. Use this compact flashlight to cut through thick smoke, fog, and dust. It is submersible and comes with a twist-on shroud. The 1900 is ideal for any situation. Powered by 2 AAA alkaline cells."

MityLite 1900. Illustration courtesy of Pelican Products, Inc.

Here are the specifications for the Model 1900 MityLite:

  • Light source - Xenon
  • Lumens - 7.0
  • Lux value at one meter - 1200
  • Watts - 1.3
  • Voltage - 3.0
  • Batteries - Two AAA
  • Battery run time - Two hours
  • Length - 4.09"
  • Weight - 1.6 ounces with batteries

For hunters, campers and outdoorsmen desiring more light output and a CNC machined aluminum body, the Pelican M6 Model 2320 might be appropriate. This is a tactical type light with a knurled aluminum case and a push button tailcap switch for momentary or constant on operation with safety lockout. The light source is a Xenon bulb providing 75 lumen output for a run time of one hour from two CR 123 lithium batteries. The M6 comes with a Cordura carrying case that includes an extra battery pouch. The 2008 discount retail price at Midway USA is $54.99.

Pelican M6. Illustration courtesy of Pelican Products, Inc.

Here are the specifications for the Model 2320:

  • Light source - Xenon
  • Lumens - 75
  • Lux value at one meter - 8000
  • Watts - 7.8
  • Voltage - 6.0
  • Batteries - Two CR123
  • Battery run time - One hour
  • Length - 5.51"
  • Weight - 5.6 ounces with batteries

The very similar M6 Model 2330, built on the same machined aluminum case, uses a one watt Luxeon LED as a light source. This provides 41 lumens of light for an extended burn time of 40 hours.

A relatively new Pelican tactical flashlight is the model PM6 (#3330), which also uses a one watt Luxeon LED as a light source. This is an M6 variant with a Xenoy case, a nearly indestructible and extremely temperature resistant polymer. The PM6 features a focused beam, non-slip faceted body, momentary/on/off tail switch and comes with a phosphate coated spring clip. Two CR123 lithium batteries and a Cordura holster are included for a 2008 retail price of about $34. The accessory Pelican Universal Helmet Light Holder will accomodate the PM6.

Pelican PM6 3330. Illustration courtesy of Pelican Products, Inc.

Here are the specifications for the PM6 3330:

  • Light source - One watt Luxeon LED
  • Lumens - 41
  • Lux value at one meter - 9000
  • Watts - 1
  • Voltage - 6.0
  • Batteries - Two CR123
  • Battery run time - 40 hours
  • Length - 5.27"
  • Weight - 3.45 ounces with batteries

Our friends at Pelican were kind enough to send us a PM6 for this article. Simply stated, it does everything they claim. Its light weight makes it ideal for the hunter or outdoorsman. Our sample has a basic black body, but desert tan as well as yellow cases are also offered. There is an otherwise identical PM6 (#3320) equipped with a very bright Xenon bulb that produces 74 lumens of light output for one hour. The PM6's are covered by Pelican's Lifetime Guarantee, so it is hard to see how you could go wrong with one of these lights.

Whatever type of flashlight you need, Pelican probably offers it. The well made Pelican lights are not only bright and durable they are among the most affordable of the upscale, high-tech flashlights.

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