The Quest for Accurate .22 Long Rifle Ammo, Part 2

By Randy Wakeman

The next round of .22 Long Rifle ammo testing used three rifles; Marlin 39A Golden, Ruger 10/22, and the Savage MKII-BV AccuTrigger bolt-action. For this continuation of rimfire ammo testing, CCI Quick-Shok, American Eagle copper-plated high velocity HP, Fiocchi 22 LR Ultrasonic, and Lapua .22 LR Hollow Point ammo was used.

The accuracy results were consistent across the board. At 40 yards, the CCI Quick-Shok finished last. The econo-priced Federal was next, not performing as well as the bulk milk-carton Federal 36 grain previously tested.

The Fiocchi Ultrasonic was quite a surprise, putting nine of ten shots in the same hole at 40 yards from the Savage MK-II BV. This is 40 grain 385 m/sec. copper-plated round nose ammo. It was remarkable at 40 yards; perhaps why I'm remarking about it? The Lapua 36 grain Hollow Point ammo grouping was, on the average, a very slight amount better at 40 yards.

Out at 102 yards, the picture changed dramatically. The most accurate rifle was the Savage, so it got to do all the shooting. The Fiocchi ammo opened up past an inch and a quarter (excellent results for any .22 hunting rifle/ammo combination), while the Lapua 36 grain HP did spectacularly, shooting several groups in the .25 inch range.

As far as I'm concerned, this is spectacular accuracy from a bone-stock factory .22, and ammo that is not the highest "Match Grade." Lapua makes their Midas series for that. A 3-9x Sightron Scope was used, a fine optic but hardly 36X dedicated target glass.

It seems to me that there is a trend developing, which is that Lapua is the most accurate .22 LR rifle ammo. Of course, all rifles are individuals and you may get different results in yours. That is why any .22 firearm should be tested with a variety of ammo before selecting a standard load.

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