Remington V3 12 Gauge Autoloader: 2017 Update

By Randy Wakeman

Remington V3 Autoloader.
A happy Daniel Cox proudly sports his single-Windsor and the V3 Walnut. It is a rare public appearance for Daniel, who normally toils deep within the nocturnal underbelly of Alabama,where he steadfastly avoids bovines, yet stays busy devising strange and unusual things to spring on a unsuspecting, sleeping world.

The Remington V3 12 gauge has been shipping for over a year in quantity. It is the first autoloading shotgun ever made to have a written lifetime warranty from day one. All models of the V3 are Made in the USA, in Ilion, New York.

The basic black version sells for as low as $657, with the camo and walnut models going for as low as $734, discount retail price. Currently, 26 inch and 28 inch barrels are available. Individual dealers are naturally free to set their own pricing.

Originally, the torque value for the compensating plugs of the synthetic V3 was set at 100 inch-pounds. Remington no longer torques the comp plugs to 100 inch-pounds at the factory. A few early complaints from the field about how difficult factory fresh comp plugs could be to remove caused Remington to re-evaluate the torque setting. They decided to test and found that 30 inch-pounds was sufficient to keep them in place. This made it more user friendly, in the event a consumer wished to clean and lubricate a factory fresh shotgun. The walnut V3 model exhaust tubes share the 30 inch-pounds specification.

Those wishing to lengthen the length of pull on their V3 synthetic can use the Versa Max kit, Remington part #19473. For all models of the V3, the correct scope base is the same as the Versa Max.

The black synthetic and camo models of the V3 weigh about 7-1/4 pounds; the walnut model weighs about 7-1/2 pounds. I personally like the 26 inch barrels and would prefer a 24 inch barrel for flushing game and for the turkey blind. For clays, the duck blind, or the goose pit, you may well prefer the 28 inch barrel. The V3 has an 8.36 inch receiver length, shorter than some, but that is still about eight inches added to your sighting plane, making a 26 inch barreled V3 roughly equivalent to a 34 inch barreled O/U gun.

The V3 is not available in left hand eject models. As far as left hand eject models, shim plates allowing for drop, cast, length of pull spacers and your choice of three comb inserts, the Remington Versa Max already has all of this.

Beyond that, the VM is also available in at least nine different models, including tactical, rifle-sighted turkey models, etc. Remington customers that appreciate the Versa Port action already have everything available to them, right now, along with 3-1/2 inch shell capability. Of course, the Remington Versa Max was introduced in 2010 and had the benefit of a goodly amount of time to more fully populate the line than the one year old V3.

All models of the Remington V3 come with a SuperCell recoil pad, which, in conjunction with the V3 action and the VersaPort gas system, makes it the softest shooting autoloader I have ever tested in its weight class.

There is no mainspring or mainspring tube in the butt stock of the V3. For this reason, future stock options are essentially unlimited. As a practical matter, there is nothing to fill with crud and no recoil tube that could crack or bend.

As the V3 VersaPort action bleeds gas right off the chamber, barrel length has no effect on the function or reliability of the action. Actual cleaning of the gas piston chambers is not necessary in a typical hunting lifetime. Remington publishes a 2000 round cleaning interval. That is a lot of pheasants or ducks, to be sure.

The fit and feel is very similar, but not identical, to the prolific Remington 870 slide-action. The V3 is a quarter pound to a half pound heavier, depending on configuration. Both the synthetic and the walnut Field Sport V3 models have slight palm swell pistol grips.

All current V3 models come with three Briley manufactured Remchokes: Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full. Unlike most shotguns on the market, the Full choke is steel shot and tungsten shot rated.

I consider the Remington V3 the best value in autoloading shotguns today, comparing favorably with several autoloaders selling at discount retail prices from $1200 - $1400, or more. The V3 is softer-shooting than all of them, has a better warranty, better factory chokes tubes, a better safety and a better trigger than most of them.

The V3 is an irresistible choice for those who would like some cash left over to squander on food and shelter, or at least more ammunition. Several other models, options and configurations are no doubt in the works, but Remington has not released any specific information about them at this time.

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