Remington Unleashes Three new V3 Shotgun Models for 2018 / 2019

By Randy Wakeman

Remington Arms Co. has announced three new V3 autoloading shotgun models late in 2018. These include the V3 Compact, V3 Turkey Pro and V3 TAC-13.

V3 Compact

The V3 Compact is a synthetic-stocked model that comes with adjustment shims for cast and drop. The V3 Compact offers appeal for those who want a shorter length of pull and has a fast-handling 22 inch barrel. The LOP on the compact stock is 13 inches vs. 14.25 inches on the long stock. The standard and compact stocks can be used interchangeably on any V3 model.

Full and Compact length guns
V3 Full and Compact length guns. Courtesy of Remington Arms.

The Compact uses the same stock bolt, recoil pad and stock shims. The compact gun comes with the length of pull spacers so if you want to lengthen it you can do that, or use a regular size butt-stock. The V3 Compact is on the Remington website and is currently shipping to the Remington dealer network.

V3 TAC-13

Also currently shipping is the V3 TAC-13, a 13 inch barrel, six-shot, no tax stamp required, autoloading 12 gauge shotgun/pistol. Some of you might remember the old Ithaca Auto & Burglar gun from 1922 - 1933, or the new, but similar, Pedersoli Howdah .410 Pistol reviewed last month on Guns and Shooting Online. While the beak-action Ithaca gave you two shots of 20 gauge and the Pedersoli provides two shots of .410 bore shells, the TAC-13 gives you six shots of 12 gauge rounds.

V3 TAC-13
V3 TAC-13. Courtesy of Remington Arms.

The idea behind the Auto & Burglar Ithaca was a firearm you kept in your home or car for self-defense and to a limited extent, a compact gun to take camping for snake and pest control. The problem with this type of non-shoulder fired shotgun is recoil, which in a 12 gauge is ferocious. This is why the Ithaca was a 20 gauge and the Pedersoli is a .410. The V3 TAC-13 relies on greater weight, a three inch longer barrel (13 inches) and the V3 gas action to keep recoil somewhat manageable.

The V3 platform has no mainspring or mainspring tube in the butt-stock, which makes the short grip no problem for the V3 action. Having a 13 inch barrel is a problem for many gas action shotguns, for the gas ports in the barrel are often located by a gas cylinder shroud, farther down the barrel than the entire length of the V3 TAC-13 barrel. This makes the TAC-13 the only game in town for a short dimension, 12 gauge autoloading pistol.

V3 Turkey Pro

At the NASGW Expo in October, Remington revealed their V3 Turkey Pro. (Not yet on the Remington website and no photo available.) This is a camo finished, 22 inch barreled V3 with an included Picatinny Rail and a 1X Red Dot sight, along with a turkey choke. The V3 Turkey Pro also has an oversized charging handle, oversized bolt release and apparently an enlarged loading port. The V3 Turkey Pro looks to be released for general distribution sometime around the end of 2018, or the beginning of 2019, long before the spring turkey seasons begin.

What is readily apparent is that Remington is sufficiently happy with the sales and performance of the V3 to make it the standard Remington autoloading 12 gauge autoloader going forward. This brings the total to six V3 models released so far and additionally Remington has 18-1/2 inch barrels available for those looking to have HD configurations.

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