Savage 10ML-II Muzzleloading DVD-R

By Randy Wakeman

In the only independent video production ever released that discusses the revolutionary Savage 10ML-II muzzleloader in detail, internationally recognized firearms expert Randy Wakeman teaches the 10ML basics. In conjunction with the factory owner's manual, this video gets you up to speed in no time, saving you time, money and hassle along the way.

Propellants, primers, projectiles, sabots, maintenance and additional tips and tricks are all covered. Initial sighting in, loading procedures, hunting footage and much more are included.

This video is the ideal companion to your Savage muzzleloader that helps remove the mystery and end the frustration long before it ever happens. Here are some comments about Randy from industry leaders:

  • The best thing you possibly can get for your new Savage - Henry C. Ball, original developer and patent holder of the Savage 10ML
  • Randy knows what he is talking about and tells it like it is - Tony Knight, the Father of Modern Muzzleloading
  • Randy is one of the most reputable, highly respected firearms professionals in the industry - Alliant Powder
  • Randy Wakeman's advice is invariably reliable, trustworthy, and valuable - Barnes Bullets
  • Randy Wakeman's experience with our muzzleloader is unparalleled - Ron Coburn, Savage Arms
  • I rely on Randy Wakeman's advice and you should too - Jim Shockey, Professional Hunter
  • Randy is one of the precious few that truly knows what he is talking about - Western Powder Company

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