The Savage Classic and Weather Warrior Rifles

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Savage 16 Weather Warrior
Illustration courtesy of Savage Arms

The Savage Arms catalog says this about the main features of their Weather Warrior series:

"Savage offers the Weather Warrior, a rifle tough enough for any conditions. It starts with a stainless steel action and barrel for maximum corrosion resistance. The barreled action is dual pillar bedded into a synthetic stock impervious to moisture. Savage's revolutionary AccuTrigger lets you safely set pull weight just the way you want it. This diverse line includes left-hand models in both short and long actions."

Rifle weight is about 6.5-7.25 pounds depending on the specific model, and the overall length of the short action model is 41.75 inches with a 22" barrel. The adjustable Savage muzzle brake is available on selected models.

The lightweight black synthetic stock is well shaped in the modern classic style. Like practically all injection molded plastic stocks, this version has too much flex. It is easy to twist or bend the forearm so that it touches the barrel on either side by applying a moderate amount of lateral pressure.

Model 16 Weather Warriors are built on a short action, and Model 116 rifles are built on a standard (.30-06) length action. The bolt knobs on Weather Warrior rifles are smooth for comfortable operation. These rifles are modestly priced yet well able to hold their own against similar stainless/synthetic offerings from Remington, Ruger, and Tikka.

Savage 14 American Classic
Illustration courtesy of Savage Arms

Savage's new Classic series rifles have taken the Company in a new direction. They feature are deep luster blued barreled actions and select black walnut stocks with cut checkering, black rubber butt pads, pistol grip cap, and black forend tips. Model 14 Classics are built on a short action, and Model 114s are built on the standard length action.

Classics are available in three basic variations. These are the Classic (Monte Carlo stock with cheekpiece and satin laquer finish, no sights, hinged floorplate), American Classic (straight comb stock with satin laquer finish, no sights, detachable box magazine), and Euro Classic (Monte Carlo stock with cheekpiece and oil finish, adjustable iron sights, detachable box magazine). The shape and dimensions of the Classic and Euro Classic stocks are identical.

Other nice touches include a checkered bolt knob and wrap around forend checkering. The magazine capacity is 2 to 4 rounds, depending on caliber and style of magazine. Rifle weight runs 7-7.75 pounds depending on specific model, and the overall length of the short action Classic is 42 inches with a 22" barrel.

These Savage Classics are deluxe rifles, but priced not to break the bank. They are clearly intended to compete for sales with the likes of the Browning A-Bolt Medallion, Remington BDL/CDL models, Ruger Model 77R, and Weatherby Vanguard Deluxe.

Both the Weather Warrior and the Classic series rifles are based on the Savage 110 action that, coupled with the extremely accurately headspacing permitted by the unique Savage barrel attachment system, has long been noted for superior accuracy. Unlike some "accuracy" actions, the 110 has an open top that allows feeding a single cartridge into the chamber when necessary. The Savage action is machined from bar stock and dual pillar bedded.

Other features common to both lines include a free floating barrel, straight line feed from either a detachable box magazine or an internal magazine with a hinged magazine floorplate, three-position tang mounted safety, detachable sling swivel bases, and (of course) the Savage user adjustable Accu-Trigger.

The Savage AccuTrigger is a breakthrough for which Savage Arms deserves all the credit they have received. The AccuTrigger is simply the best trigger assembly available on a mass produced rifle. It is easily adjustable from 2.5 to 6 pounds on these models, and the adjustment tool is provided.

We give the Weather Warrior and Classic series rifles two thumbs up. Both offer a lot of rifle at a price point well below their competition. The accuracy of modern Savage rifles continues to amaze. They really live up to their motto, "The definition of accuracy."

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