Savage Arms Model 220 Turkey

By Randy Wakeman

Photo by Randy Wakeman.

The Savage line of 20 gauge bolt action rifled slug guns has been a smash hit ever since they were first released. Currently, if this Savage 220 Turkey model is any indication, the 220 is better than ever. Some of the features touted by Savage are:

Smoothbore bolt-action shotgun platform built like a rifle.”

  • AccuFit system lets hunters adjust comb height and length-of-pull

  • AccuStock rail system secures the action three-dimensionally along its entire length

  • 22-inch, free-floating blued barrel

  • Interchangeable extra-full turkey choke (Win. choke thread)

  • Detachable box magazine

  • User-adjustable AccuTrigger

  • One-piece synthetic stock with Mossy Oak® Obsession® camouflage

  • One-piece rail for easy optic mounting

Both the Accu-Stock and Accu-Fit additions are superb, elevating not just the 220 but the entire line of Savage bolt-action long guns to a higher level. The current recoil pad is effective, with included spacers to adjust the length of pull. A total of three interchangeable combs are included, so you can set up your 220 for perfect sighting right down the center of your chosen optic. One of the infuriating things about various shotguns and rifles is that spacers, combs, ribs, and so forth are promised but never actually become available. Even if (a big if) they belatedly make it to market, they are often ridiculously overpriced with spotty availability.

This is distinctly not the case with the Savage 220, for the stock spacers and replacement combs are included from the start, right in the box. The Accu-Trigger is better than ever, breaking crisply at 2 pounds, 3 ounces as supplied. You can adjust the break from there if you wish with no gunsmithing. The 220 Turkey has an included and installed Picatinny rail, so there nothing in the way of scope bases to buy or install.

The molded stock inserts are well done and suitably grippy. The barrel is threaded for common standard Invector (Winchoke) choke tubes, with an extended turkey choke supplied and installed. The magazine feeding has been noticeably improved from the original 220s I tested and hunted with back in 2009. This 220 weighs right at 7-1/2 pounds out of the box.

It is not often that I test a gun thirteen years after its initial release, only to find that it has been significantly improved and refined in essentially every way possible. This is one of the rare, extremely satisfying times. Whether turkey hunting or deer hunting, a silent safety is always a plus, and that's what the Savage three-position safety is. The bane of some turkey models is point of impact problems, either initially or when using a different load. As your choice of rifle scope or red dot allows you to put the pattern where you want it at the range you want, no such issue exists with the Savage 220 Turkey.

This is a superb, standout product from Savage Arms: likely the best 20 gauge turkey and smoothbore slug gun on the market today. I anticipate that I'll be able to say the same about the current Savage 220 rifled barrel slug gun. Congratulations to Savage Arms for a truly outstandingly good product.

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