Savage Hunter's Edge Fixed Blade Knife

By Chuck Hawks

Savage Hunter's Edge Fixed Blade
Photo by Jim Fleck.

Savage Arms has introduced a fixed blade companion to their Hunter's Edge interchangeable blade folding knife. (There is a review of the Hunter's Edge folder on the Outdoor Accessories Page.) The new Hunter's Edge Fixed Blade Knife has a number of excellent features designed to appeal to the serious big game hunter. This lightweight knife weighs only 4.4 ounces (7.7 ounces with sheath). It is made in Seki city, Japan and features a very sophisticated blade design of high carbon, premium stainless steel. Seki-City is a famous Japanese blade-making center, just as is Toledo, Spain and Solingen, Germany.

The cutting part of this knife, the blade, is hollow ground. It incorporates four distinct features in its 3-3/4" (9.5 cm) length. The outer 2/3 of the medium curved cutting edge is fine ground and very sharp. The inner 1/3 of the cutting edge wears a serration pattern for sawing through difficult fibers, such as nylon rope or leather. The backside of the tip of the drop point blade is fashioned to include a gut hook. The balance of the back of the blade is ground in a double row, saw tooth pattern similar to the saw blade supplied with the Hunter's Edge folding knife.

Because of its high carbon content (necessary for superior edge retention) the Hunter's Edge "stainless" blade can rust, particularly in saltwater or other damp environments, if it is not properly cared for. It is rust resistant, but not rust proof. I might mention that I own a folding Savage Hunter's Edge and I have never had a problem with rusting.

This blade's tang is fully enclosed in a synthetic handle (probably fiberglass reinforced nylon) that features attractive wood grain inserts. This ergonomically shaped handle includes comfortable finger notches on the underside and a very finely ribbed upper side for a positive grip. These ribs or serrations become courser about an inch from where the back of the blade emerges from the handle to allow no slip thumb pressure to be applied to the blade if required. This is one of the most ergonomic and comfortable hunting knife handles that I have ever used.

Recessed in the butt of the handle there is a hex socket that accepts a standard reversible (flat blade/Phillips) screwdriver bit, which is supplied. This allows the knife to be used as a screwdriver for emergency equipment repairs in the field. Use the knife thusly only when sheathed! The reversible bit is carried in a small pouch on the sheath, along with a supplied sharpening steel.

Thus Savage has managed to combine four functions in one knife blade: saw, gut hook, fine cutting edge and serrated cutting edge. And the comfortable handle serves a fifth, screwdriver, function. This is one versatile fixed blade hunting knife!

The sheath supplied with the Hunter's Edge is a durable black Cordura nylon number that has a trick or two of its own, in addition to a pouch for the screwdriver bit and an industrial diamond particle sharpening steel. Notably, there is a conventional belt loop to carry the sheathed knife on a belt in the usual (vertical) position and two Velcro-closure straps that allow the sheath to be attached to a belt in a horizontal position. The latter is a particularly convenient option that allows sitting or riding in a vehicle without fooling with the knife. The sheath can also be attached to most rifle slings.

The introduction of the fixed blade Hunter's Edge puts Savage Arms, a leading American gun maker, in the unique position of having designed and brought to market what is arguably the most sophisticated folding hunting knife and the most sophisticated fixed blade hunting knife available today. Don't mistake the Savage Hunter's Edge Fixed Blade Knife for one of those cheap promotional knives, usually made in Red China, that merely wears a famous gun maker's name. Such knives actually have nothing to do with, say, Winchester beyond the payment of a royalty fee to the parent corporation to exploit the famous name.

The Hunter's Edge is entirely different. It is a very ingenious and high quality hunting knife designed by your fellow hunters at Savage. It is manufactured to very stringent standards. The fixed blade Hunter's Edge is not inexpensive, but like a Savage firearm this is a knife that someday you will likely be passing along to your heirs. The Hunter's Edge Fixed Blade knife is available from the Savage Online Store. See the Savage web site: to purchase yours.

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