Guns and Shooting Online 2009-2010
Shotgun and Wingshooting Awards

By Randy Wakeman and the Guns and Shooting Online Staff

Despite the unusual fascination with black and tactical things instigated by the panic of the political environment, 2009 has been a excellent year for scatterguns and accessories. Here�s a listing of the new offerings that we found to be the most impressive.

Pump Shotgun of the Year: Ithaca Model 37

Ithaca Gun Company is currently offering the best Model 37�s that have been ever been made. Whether the 12 or 20 gauge field models, the new 28 gauge, or the high-capacity 12 gauge Home Defense gun, those looking for true top-quality in a classic design need look no further. It is the best quality slide action shotgun on the market today. The new Model 37's are made with pride in the USA, the way quality shotguns should be, but seldom are.

Autoloading Shotgun of the Year: Benelli Vinci

A couple of noteworthy semi-automatic shotguns were introduced in 2009. Our choice for a gun that is the right weight, balance, comes to the shoulder effortlessly and is hard to miss with is the Benelli Vinci. A desirable field gun is a combination of many factors and they all come together in the Vinci. It is an inspired design.

Over/Under Shotgun of the Year: Caesar Guerini Tempio

The Caesar Guerini Tempio 12 gauge has the looks, the trigger, handling and exemplary build quality to be the finest O/U field shotgun we tested in 2009. It makes some of the other popular O/U guns look second-rate by comparison. CG is offering guns today that are competitive with guns selling for twice the price, backed by outstanding customer service. If you want a lifetime O/U that is really worth the investment, look no further: Caesar Guerini delivers.

Side by Side Shotgun of the Year: Grulla Supreme

The Grulla Supreme is our winner for 2009. It is a custom made, bespoke, 7-pin H&H pattern sidelock with a rounded action. It is built on a drop forged steel frame with gas escape valves, disc set strikers and drop forged chopper lump barrels of nickel chromium steel. Unlike most doubles today, it even incorporates an assisted opening action and is entirely hand engraved. An exhibition grade walnut stock and forend are standard and it comes with a top quality leather trunk case. Shotguns just don't get much better than this.

Ammunition (tie): Federal and B&P USA

For turkey hunting with a 20 gauge, Federal�s new 1-1/2 ounce load of #7 heavyweight shot has brought performance to a whole new level. The Federal Heavyweight #PHT258F load packs an amazing 1-1/2 ounces of shot into a three-inch twenty gauge hull and produces patterns that no other three-inch 20 gauge shell has previously achieved.

Two 12 gauge lead loads from B&P USA, the 1 ounce F2 Mach #7-1/2 for sporting clays or doves and the MB Long Range 1-1/4 ounce #5 nickel plated loads for pheasant deliver top quality patterns. These two shotshells have given us better performance than we have seen from similar loads.

Choke Tubes: Trulock Precision Hunter

The Trulock Precision Hunter extended choke tube have improved the performance of every shotgun with which we have hit the patterning board. Consistently and universally good, there are many choke tubes out there, but none better than a Trulock Precision Hunter. Trulock PH tubes deliver without fail.

Recoil Reduction: Evo-Shield

No question, it is the Evo-Shield. Now you can laugh at recoil, as nothing works better.

Accessory: Do-All White Wing Automatic Trap Thrower

The Do-All White Wing Automatic Trap Thrower is the first affordable �Gun Club in a Box.� It is available from Cabela�s and most everywhere else. An automatic trap has never been more fun, easier to use, or more affordable.

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