The Spinjag: One Great Muzzleloading Accessory

By Randy Wakeman

Illustration courtesy of Gunn Innovations, Inc.

There are many little gizmos out there in frontloader land, but comparatively few are worthwhile, let alone valuable in any meaningful way. I'm delighted to say that that is not the case with the "Spinjag," that goes for about fourteen bucks and can be seen at:

For the last several years, Knight Rifles' World Championship shooting teams have used the Spinjag. It is personally endorsed by H. P. Gregory, a renowned NMLRA competitor who has won "top overall shooter" at the Friendship, Indiana matches, and is considered one of the very best individual competitors in the country today.

For years, I've used the range rod sold by Knight Rifles with the rotating "T" handle that makes sabot seating a breeze, and lets the rod rotate naturally with the saboted bullet going down the bore. This allows seating of the bullet without canting it and protects the nose of the bullet from being scored or otherwise being damaged by the jag tip.

The Spinjag does an even better job, as the jag itself rotates and there is a bore guide built into the back of it to inhibit canting or tilting of the bullet as well as scratching of your rifle's bore. No other jag I've seen has this. The nose of the Spinjag is a generously deep well. It accommodates Barnes Spitfires, Hornady SST, Barnes Original, Buffalo SSB, and every other pointed bullet I have tried with ease, as well as most of the flatter nosed bullets.

As the jag rotates, it also helps prevent losing a cotton patch in the barrel when swabbing between shots. If that ever happens to you, you will sure wish that you had used a Spinjag. The Spinjag has a 10-32 external thread, so it quickly attaches to most factory ramrods. It is easy to carry in your pocket or range bag, or you can permanently attach it to your ramrod.

Whenever someone comes up with a really good new idea, there are bound to be inferior knock-offs from less scrupulous folks. In the case of the Spinjag, which has been out there for some three years, that has already happened. The "Precision Rifle Extended Swivel Jag" as sold by Cabela's is just such an inferior rip-off. Only the head of this jag spins, in wobbly fashion, and there is no bore guide. The Precision Rifle rotating jag also has a threaded portion that easily backs out, is a poorly made two piece copy, and it has no one piece bolt that goes down the length of the jag as the Spinjag does, just a fragile little screw in the nose that not only wobbles, but is easily broken. Shame on both Precision Rifle and Cabela's for this cheesy rip-off.

The original Spinjag is far better product, better made, and performs better than the copies. With a one-piece jag that rotates without wobble, a stronger bolt assembly, and a bore guide, it is one of the best accessories I've ever used. Once you start using one, you'll be sorry you waited so long.

The Gunn Innovations "Spinjag" gets my highest recommendation, is available for both .45 and .50 caliber muzzleloaders, and can be quickly obtained from Gunn Innovations by dialing them direct (toll-free) at 1 888-271-2323, or see the "where to buy" list on their WebSite. It is a well-made, innovative, useful accessory that every inline muzzleloading enthusiast should have.

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