The Goddard/Spyderco Clipit Knives, a Short History

By Wayne Goddard
(American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith and Cutlery Hall of Fame Member)

The prototype Goddard/Spyderco folding knife was delivered to Sal Glesser during May 1990. The first production models were delivered November 1991. These C-16 knives came with black Micarta handles and full serrated or partially serrated blades. The full serrated blade was discontinued in 1996.

The C-18 "Junior" Goddard prototype was delivered to Spyderco in April 1992. The first production models of the "Junior" Goddard Clipit were made in November 1992. It was available with full serrated or 50-50 edge. The full serrated blade was discontinued in 1996.

In June of 1993 Phyllis Goddard purchased a limited edition of five hundred plain edge Junior Goddard Clipits from Spyderco. These were received in November of '93.

The "Baby" Goddard (C-22), key chain size folder, was the brainchild of Seki, who had made a couple of prototypes and sent them to Spyderco. When Spyderco showed them to me I realized that they were not to scale. I reworked the design, bringing it into the right proportions and sent my pattern knife to Spyderco in November 1992.

Spyderco shipped the first "Baby" Goddard Spyderco folders in June 1993. It is made only with the 50-50 edge blade. It is a key-chain-sized knife and does not have the Clipit clothing attachment clip. The last Micarta handled Goddard in production was the Baby, C20PS. It was discontinued in November 2001.

We received the prototype of the GRN (Zytel type material) handled C-16 on January 17, 1997. It was a good looking knife with the cast handle and the new, right/left interchangeable clip. It also had the new steel, ATS-55. The Lightweight Goddard was the first Spyderco Clipit to feature ATS-55 and the changeable Clipit. We received the first production Lightweight Goddard's in May of '97; these were partially serrated. The first Lightweight Goddard's with plain edge blades were delivered in May '99. The Lightweight was well received and sales were very good.

Spyderco did a sprint run of 1,200 Lightweight Goddard's with a gray handle in early 2004. These blades featured VG-10 stainless steel. We received the first shipment May 21, 2004. Most of that shipment was partially serrated, but some were plain edged.

Spyderco Wayne Goddard Lightweight Folder
Goddard/Spyderco Lightweight Folder. Illustration courtesy of Spyderco, Inc.

In May 2006 Spyderco did a sprint run of 600 knives on the Lightweight Goddard with VG-10 steel and a burgundy handle, #C16PSBRG. Only partially serrated blades were made, no plain edge like with the Black and Gray Lightweight Goddards. Approximately 60 of these were numbered for the Spyderco collectors.

At this time (Feb. 2007) there are no Goddard Spyderco knives in production. Any future Goddard Clipits will be sprint runs of the Lightweight, and they would be a new color each time. A table showing the progression of the Goddard/Spyderco Clipit knives can be found on the Outdoor Accessories page.

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