Spyderco Ladybug 3 Pocket Knife

By Jim Force

Spyderco Ladybug 3
Illustration courtesy of Spyderco, Inc.

Guns and Shooting Online has reviewed many knifes over the years. Some have have been fixed blades and some folders, with steel and occasionally damascus or ceramic blades. Every imaginable handle material has been seen. When it comes to use, most have been hunting or camp site compatible and a few have been strictly survival types. The subject of this review is a small pocket knife for mundane everyday use and chores.

I have carried a pocket knife at the bottom of my pocket, virtually every day, since I was 12 or so years old, starting as a Boy Scout. Back in the 1960s our schools were not so paranoid and I was never questioned about carrying that first, bulky, official Boy Scout knife. I have gone on to carry Swiss Army pocket knifes, some bulky and some slim with locking blades. For years I carried a super light Technica Alpine lock-blade, which I finally lost.

That was just after 9/11 and all the new regulations and fear made me want to acquire a pocket knife that was quite discrete, yet still very capable of the daily chores to which I subject my pocket knife. The internet was available, so I could search for a new knife using my fingertips. I do not know which search engine led me to Spyderco, but I got to their site and found the Ladybug folding pocket knife. It appeared to have all the characteristics I wanted in a very small package. The price was also reasonable, so I ordered one.


  • Model: Ladybug 3
  • Blade shape: Modified clip point
  • Blade material: VG-10 stainless steel
  • Overall length: 4.375 in. (111mm)
  • Length closed: 2.438 in. (62mm)
  • Blade length: 1.938 in. (49mm)
  • Blade thickness: .078 in. (2mm)
  • Cutting edge: 1.687 in. (43mm)
  • Weight: 0.6 oz. (18g)
  • Handle material: FRN
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • 2015 M.S.R.P. $59.95

When I received my Spyderco Ladybug I could not have been more pleased. It is a small knife and fits easily into my pocket. There are no sharp or rough edges, so it never leaves an impression on the outside of my pants.

The Ladybug is available with FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handles in various colors or with a stainless steel handle. The handle is textured and comfortably angular in every way the hand can comfortably grip it. Three of my rather large fingers fit into the indentations in the handle of the knife and my thumb fits nicely onto the serrations cut into the back of the blade, allowing for very good control. It can be used for a wide variety of tasks. To avoid extra bulk, Ladybugs do not come with a pocket clip, but are supplied with a lanyard hole for attachment to a keychain or thong.

Spyderco states the relative position of the Spyderco round hole to the pivot and back-lock was key in the Ladybug design. The Ladybug opens easily with one hand and feels larger than it is.

The VC-10 modified clip point blade is hollow ground with uniform thickness from heel to tip. VC-10 is a high end Japanese stainless steel developed for cutlery and known for excellent edge holding. The blade is durable, strong and easy to keep sharp. The edge can be plain or a fully serrated SpyderEdge.

I have cut all sorts of rope, cords, string, opened bags and boxes, trimmed leather, wood and drywall with this knife. It has been very useful slicing or cutting food items away from the kitchen, along with myriad other tasks. In a pinch, I could use it to field dress a deer or smaller game.

All in all, it is a remarkable tool in a small and economical package that is big on performance. I plan on carrying a Ladybug in my pocket for the rest of my life and I bought another one in case I lose the original!

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