Stone River Gear Premium Ceramic Folding Knives

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

Stone River Ceramic Folding Knives
Left to Right: ironwood, olivewood and stag handles. Illustration courtesy of Stone River Outdoors, LLC.

Most folks who have read our past reviews of Stone River knives know that they are quality "workhorse" knives. Some handles are made using G10 laminates, a glass woven fabric impregnated with epoxy resin binders, which is then compressed under high pressure. These handles are incredibly durable and unaffected by temperature. Other knives in the SRG line use a textured, rubberized handle that provides a positive grip and, in our experience, just won't wear out. All of their knives feature the highest quality zirconium oxide blades available. They have a shape and blade-style for just about every outdoor job imaginable.

With all that being said, there are still some of us that love the look of traditional and natural materials, which are often used on custom built knives. Well, they did it! At the 2013 SHOT Show, SRG introduced three new folders. Two with wooden handles (desert ironwood and olivewood) and one with a genuine stag handle. I had to have them, so we ordered two of each. Susannah and her husband Carl each got one, as early birthday presents and Mary kept one for herself.

That left me with three. As I have a couple of friends that have done me favors, I sent one to a Boeing engineer in Seattle, WA and a second to my physician buddy in Sedalia, MO. I am not sure who called first, because as soon as they opened their mail, they were on the phone. I could hardly get them to stop talking about how fantastic they thought the knives were. My doctor friend informed me that it couldn't have come at a better time, as the TSA had confiscated his other folder from his briefcase. Physician or not, no knives allowed on the plane. My engineer friend at Boeing already had plans to use it on his upcoming salmon fishing trip.

I now have one left, but, I already know where it is going. I am going to send it to our editor, Chuck Hawks, who as he reads this, will have the first notification that he is getting the stag handle folder. I know he will put it to good use.

Of course, that leaves me with none. So, I guess that I will just have to order another one for myself. What I am leading up to is this: the Stone River wood/stag handle knives are perfect gifts for folks that are special to you. Especially if you are looking for a Christmas, birthday or any occasion gift for hard to buy for folks. Of course, you might want to get one for yourself.

Specifications and Features

            2-5/8" Black or White Zirconium Oxide Blade

            Length Folded: 4"

            Length Open: 6-3/4"

            Super Sharp Ceramic blade which stays sharp 10-12 times longer than steel

            No Rusting or Pitting

            Contoured Genuine White Stage, Olivewood or Desert Ironwood handles

            Liner Lock holds firm in Locked position

            Stylized Blade Lifter for smooth Opening

            Individually boxed in a Gift Presentation Box (like we said, a great gift)

            2013 MSRP: Olivewood Handle $89.95; Desert Ironwood Handle $99.95; White Stag Handle $109.95

Are they worth it? Darn right they are. In this day and age when so many name-brand knife makers across the world are in a "race-to-the-bottom," Stone River still insists on the highest quality or they won't sell it. In addition, they will re-sharpen your knife, if it ever gets dull, for a very modest shipping/handling fee. You can order these knives directly from Stone River at

Stone River Ceramic Folding Stag Handle Knife
Stone River Ceramic Folding Knife with white stag handle. Illustration courtesy of Stone River Outdoors, LLC.

Post Script by Chuck Hawks

I had no inkling Jim and Mary were sending me a stag handled Stone River Ceramic Folding Knife. Thanks, guys, this is a very attractive knife! The black blade and liner contrasts dramatically with the white stag handle. There is a removable, pocket/waistband clip on one side; a feature I use and appreciate. The black gift box has a nifty magnetic closure for its lid.

More important, the blade is hollow-ground. The opening/closing action is light and smooth, yet the blade is tight without any wobble. (Yes, you can flick it open with a snap of the wrist.) The hinge pin can be tightened with a small Allan wrench. The liner lock works as it should. There is a right hand thumb stud for easy, one hand opening and the handle is fluted on that side to provide easy access to the stud for opening and the liner lock for closing (note photo above). A hole is provided in the end of the handle for a lanyard.

Despite its beauty, this is a very functional folding hunting knife that was clearly made to be used. One word of caution: If you are in the habit of checking the sharpness of a knife edge with a finger tip, be careful! Out of the box, this knife is very sharp.

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