Stone River Ceramic Hunting Knife

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

Stone River Ceramic Hunting Knife
Illustration courtesy of Stone River Outdoors, LLCA.

The Stone River Gear SRG65SCB knife was introduced at the 2014 SHOT Show and is designed specifically for skinning, hunting and general use around camp. The design and material of the black zirconium oxide blade is the same as used in the knife we sent to our alligator guide, Bart Carter, in Florida. With that knife, he reported he was able to skin out the leather and carve the meat from twenty alligators and the knife was still "scary sharp."

Field tests with these high quality zirconium oxide blades have proven them to remain sharp 10-12 times longer than steel blades. When the blade finally needs re-sharpening, as all knives eventually do, you can return the knife to Stone River Outdoors with $10 and they will resharpen it like new. For the record, after five years of heavy use around the farm and on hunts, I finally had to return one of my ceramics for sharpening.

It came back as good as new. BTW, that $10 will cover two knives, should you ever have the need. To have a high quality blade returned to like new sharpness for ten bucks once every five years is a good deal. Wish we could do that with our steel blades.

Alternatively, you can sharpen the ceramic blade yourself with a diamond dust knife steel or wheel. Do not attempt to sharpen a ceramic blade on an Arkansas stone or conventional steel knife sharpener, as the blade is too hard for those materials.

Like all ceramic blade knives, do not twist or bend the blade and avoid cutting on hard surfaces (formica, granite, etc.). These blades are intended for cutting relatively soft materials, such as vegetables, flesh and hide. They are so sharp and so hard they are susceptible to chipping or breaking if used carelessly. However, they are not as fragile as some folks think. See the article Breaking A Ceramic Knife Blade on the Outdoor Accessories index page for a destruction test of a ceramic blade.

The full tang construction adds extra strength to the shank of the blade. The genuine stag scales are secured by brass rivet pins, so you have a beautiful, yet functional, knife. The overall length of the knife is 6-1/2 inches, with a three inch cutting blade. The stag handle hunter comes with a lanyard and preformed nylon sheath.

We have never been fans of nylon sheaths, preferring heavy leather. That is, until we were able to inspect this one. Whoever designed this sheath thought of everything.

It is double stitched with three rivets for extra strength. The rivets are of a new type, having a button on the back to ensure they never wear through the nylon. If all of that weren't enough to convince us of the benefits of this sheath, there is a sewn-in polymer blade protector. The blade protector not only guarantees the sheath won't be accidentally cut, it adds strength and rigidity to the sheath. Finally, the sheath is equipped with both a belt loop and belt clip.

With a 2014 MSRP of $99.95, the SRG65SCB is competitive with other good skinning knives on the market. In addition, being ceramic, it will not rust or pit. The Stone River Ceramic Hunting knife, like all Stone River knives, can be ordered directly from the Stone River website: http:/

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