Stone River Gear Auto/Rechargeable LED Flashlight

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

Stone River Gear Auto/Rechargeable LED Flashlight
Courtesy of Stone River Trading Company, LLC

In January, we drove from Albuquerque, New Mexico to the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, returning home for three days and then driving back to Reno, Nevada, for the Safari Club Convention. We did a lot of driving at night on these two trips, including the 17 hour (almost nonstop) trip home from Reno. In the course of this, we had numerous opportunities to use this light.

We kept it plugged into the cigarette lighter for charging. This is a major advantage, as most rechargeable lights require a separate adaptor that can break or be misplaced. When we needed to check a map or find a snack in the back seat, the SRG light was readily accessible. No fumbling around in the glove box or console compartment, just pull it out and turn it on.

The lanyard that comes with the light has a hemisphere shaped rubber carrying pod on the end. The light slips tightly into the pod (which prevents loss) and is great when you leave the vehicle to check your tires at night (which we did), change a tire (not this time), or get something out of a cooler in the back of the truck (cold cokes on the road).

This little gem (2� long x 7/8� diameter) has an MSRP of $24.95. Before you start thinking about those cheap LED lights available at discount stores, be aware that the SRG Auto/Rechargeable Flashlight carries a 10-year warranty and an average 50,000 hour life from its premium LED's. We have learned firsthand that the cheapies found in every gas station, discount and hardware store are not as bright and don�t last. If you think about the times you need flashlights, many of them are important, if not critical. Why gamble with cheap, when you can get this light with a machined aluminum case and ten year warranty?

We acquired two, one for our truck and a second as a gift for a senior-citizen friend, so that she can find her house keys at night when she returns from work. You can spend more for a light or you can spend less, but you won�t find a better light for your vehicle at any price.

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