Supply Side Islamic Terrorism

By Major Van Harl, USAF Ret.

The Afghanistan government has bought 22,000 new Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm pistols. I saw where the US military is buying thousands more of these handguns to distribute to local military and police units in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as for use by coalitions forces. One of the major problems we the big, very generous US have with giving guns to the Muslim third world, is sort of the same problem we have when you give welfare to our own citizens; people do not respect or value something they did not earn.

Large shipments of firearms are turned over to the Iraqi and Afghan supply officers with the belief that the weapons will be issued to their perspective troops to continue the war on terrorism, but the firearms are never distributed to the men who need them. The Muslin supply troops do not want to give up their supply. There appears to be power in having large inventory.

It rather reminds me of an old "Mash" TV episode when Hawkeye needs a sterilizer machine to clean the surgery instruments. The supply sergeant up the change of command would not issue even one of his two sterilizers, because his precious inventory would go down. Life and death combat surgery preformed by the 4077 MASH unit desperately needed a way to clean the very tools it required to save a wounded soldiers life and a supply person refused to help because of his own selfish interests. This is what is happening in the Muslin world.

We, the US send them needed supplies to include weapons, but they are never issued. We send in our military inspectors and the supplies are still sitting un-issued on the shelves, or worse, they have been sold on the black market. The Iraqi and Afghans do not seem to have a problem making a profit selling the supplies out from under their own people and sometimes it leads to death and destruction.

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, was killed by a suicide attacker as her vehicle was driving down a street. Shots were fired at Bhutto and then an explosive device was detonated. Innocent Muslins in the crowd were also killed. A photo of the assassin�s handgun as it lay on the street was taken and flashed around the world. It was a Smith & Wesson Sigma. Without checking the serial number there is no way to know the origin of that weapon and what Muslin supply person�s hands it passed through, but I can think of a couple of countries from where to start the search.

The Afghan National Border Patrol was one of the units issued the S&W Sigma pistol. You know border patrol, as in the Afghan / Pakistan border. Under Islamic law, the hoarding of money and supplies is not allowed. This very issue has frustrated westerners for centuries. They would go into a Muslim country and find poverty. There was very little stored up to get the masses through the year. �Allah will provide� was the saying that was recited to the Westerners. It was the very religion of Islam that prevented the masses from improving their lives.

You have to stop and wonder at this idea, what a great way to control the �people� of your Muslim country. A small group of wealthy, ruling class Muslims (does the Saudi royal family come to mind?) can keep the extremely poor on the edge of life�s failure. It is called control, just like the supply officers wielded control.

Under Islamic law, you cannot charge or earn interest when banking. So how do they get around this? They go outside the Muslin world and use the banks of the west.

I interacted with Saudi and Iranian military officers when I was on active duty and the amount of alcohol consumption always amazed me. When I would mention that they were Muslims and presumably not suppose to drink alcohol, their answer was they were not in a Muslin country and Islamic law did not count.

The old actual �sword of Islam� is being replaced by a new stealth sword of Islamic economics. Supply and demand and more importantly the vast petro-dollar wealth of the Muslim world will turn on the west some day. Then we will see photos of blood soaked dollars and euros on the ground next to dead Westerners blown up by explosives, made in the West and distributed to peace loving Islamic countries.

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Copyright 2008 by Major Van Harl USAF Ret. All rights reserved.