Two Traditions Muzzleloader Accessories

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

In this day and age when so much stuff is made out of plastic, it is nice to find a company that still makes the most essential muzzleloading tools out of metal. You can find a lot of cheap powder flasks out there, some fabricated out of plastic and others from cheap base metal. None of them are worth your money. The Tradition solid brass flask is ideal for carrying 500 grains of extra powder into the field.

powder flask
Illustration courtesy of Traditions Performance Firearms

Even the dispenser spout is solid brass and it seals tightly with a spring loaded plug. Since it's brass, there is no worry about cracking or breaking in the field.

We know that a lot of people carry some extra charges in pre-measured tubes in the pocket of their jacket, just as we do. In 2010, after a four-hour hike up the Floridas Mountains for Persian Ibex, highlighted by numerous slips and falls, Jim discovered that all but two of his pre-measured tubes were damaged, with loose powder filling his pockets. Fortunately, Jim only needed one of the remaining tubes to harvest his Ibex. However, if things hadn't worked out, all of the time and money invested in the hunt could have been wasted.

Are we suggesting that you don't carry pre-measured charges? Of course not, but just to be safe, why not invest in this small flask and carry a backup supply of powder? The flask measures only 4.75" in length and weighs less than 6.5 ounces when full. The MSRP of the Traditions flask is $24.49. That is inexpensive insurance.

The second really cool accessory from Traditions is their Adjustable Powder Measure. There are numerous plastic measures out there and they cost almost as much as the solid brass one made by Traditions. This tool measures exact loads from 5 to 120 grains, which we confirmed in our tests. Combine that feature with a non-spill swivel spout to pour the powder down your barrel and you have a very handy tool.

powder measure
Illustration courtesy of Traditions Performance Firearms

Why buy plastic junk when you can have quality for a bit more? Carry this in your pocket with the flask and you are good to go, should you ever need to measure a load in the field. With an MSRP of $13.95, this is definitely a must-have accessory for everyone who shoots a muzzleloader.

We know the title of this article is Two Cool Muzzleloader Accessories and we fully intended to only cover two of Traditions accessories. However, after using their Lightning Rod for cleaning several of our muzzleloaders, we belatedly decided to include it.

Most hunters use their regular centerfire rifle cleaning rods on their muzzleloaders. They are smaller in diameter and commonly bow or hang up when pushing a thick patch or .50 caliber brass brush down the barrel of a muzzleloader. Those flimsy, thin rods were not made for muzzleloaders.

cleaning rod
Illustration courtesy of Traditions Performance Firearms

The Traditions Lightning Rod was designed for big bore muzzleloaders. It is a 36 inch, solid aluminum rod with a black, screwdriver type, rotating handle. It comes supplied with a threaded 10/32 female end to accept all Traditions accessories and a 15/16 inch thread adaptor for other brand accessories. Once you use it, you will never go back to your centerfire rifle cleaning rod. Priced at $28.49, it is not only a good buy, but essential if you are a serious muzzleloader shooter.

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