The Versa Carry for IWB Concealed Handgun Carry

By Chuck Hawks

Versa Carry
Versa Carry w/Glock pistol, shown configured for left hand draw. Photo courtesy of Versa Carry.

The kind folks at Versa Carry sent me samples of their new holster system for this review. I use the term "holster" loosely, as the Versa Carry is not a conventional pouch holster. It is a simple plastic fixture with a peg over which the muzzle is inserted to secure the barrel of a pistol. The gun is carried by the inner barrel diameter. An ambidextrous, thin plastic plate dovetails into the Versa Carry and locks in place to cover the outer side of the trigger guard for a right or left hand draw. An integral plastic clip goes over the waistband (and belt) of your trousers to position the Versa Carry and gun inside your trousers in the strong side or cross draw location of your choice. Here is how the manufacturer describes the Versa Carry (in rather flamboyant prose):

"The Versa Carry is a revolutionary new IWB device. It uses a unique, patent pending, design that carries a firearm by the inner barrel diameter. This design allows for unlimited concealed carry possibilities, while remaining one of the smallest carry devices in the world."

The gun is completely exposed when mounted in the Versa Carry, although the Versa Carry and pistol are covered up to the grip by your pants when in use. The Versa Carry offers no protection for the finish of your concealed carry gun, but it does offer minimum bulk and weight, plus maximum comfort for inside the waistband (IWB) concealed carry. Since the butt of your gun is exposed above your beltline, as with a conventional IWB holster, a coat or other outer garment must be worn at all times to conceal the pistol's grip.

The Versa Carry is offered in sizes for calibers from .25 ACP to .45 ACP and barrel lengths from 2.75" to 5" for autoloading pistols. For 2013, Versa Carry introduced models for snub-nosed .38/.357 revolvers (Colt Cobra and Detective Special; S&W J-frame, etc.). Versa Carry is made entirely in Texas, USA.

You insert the muzzle of your carry piece over the plastic barrel rod at a 45-degree angle and shove the gun onto the rod until the muzzle contacts the base of the Versa Carry. That's it; the gun is now held securely in place. No straps or other secondary security devices are required for positive retention. With the gun in place, slip the Versa Carry inside the waistband of your pants with the plastic clip on the outside. Ideally, the external clip will go over your belt, but I found the Versa Carry sufficiently secure even without wearing a belt.


  • Self-locking trigger guard plate
  • Ambidextrous
  • Works on most guns
  • Works with most accessories
  • 75% less bulk than conventional holsters
  • Great for deep concealment
  • Durable and heat resistant
  • Rust and corrosion proof polymer
  • Easy on/off design
  • Used by LEO's across the U.S.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in Texas, USA
  • 2013 MSRP: $24.99

For this review, I used a .380/XS (#1) Versa Carry for 2.25"-2.75" barrels with my SIG SAUER P238, which is the smallest .380 on the market. The .380/MD (#3) Versa Carry for 3.3"-3.75" barrels provided the best fit for my P232. The .38/.357 (#4) Versa Carry with revolver trigger guard adaptor for 2-1/8" barrels provided the best fit for my Colt Cobra. In all three cases, the Versa Carry positioned the gun's grip at the height above my waist band that I wanted.

It holds the pistol very securely. The external waistband clip tightly gripped my jeans, as well as my casual slacks. This clip is very secure and keeps the Versa Carry and pistol in place under practically all conditions and orientations, including standing on your head.

The guns were easily accessible and could be drawn without dislodging the Versa Carry. The mechanics of the draw are the same as for any IWB holster.

The $24.99 MSRP for what is essentially a molded piece of plastic might seem a bit high at first glance, but the cleverness and versatility of the design justifies the price. Compared to conventional, clip-on, IWB pouch holsters, the Versa Carry is more comfortable, more secure and should last a lifetime. Seen in that light, it is a good investment. You can order yours online, direct from Versa Carry (

The Versa Carry is a nifty system. It is the simplest IWB carry method I have tried and the most comfortable, with minimum bulk and a high degree of security.

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