Warne Maxima Quick Release Steel Scope Rings

By Randy Wakeman

Sometimes a product is used for so long, and does its job so well, that you just forget to mention it. That is exactly the case with Warne Quick Release Maxima scope rings. There isn't a single scoped rifle I've tested in the last few years that does not get Maxima rings installed as a matter of course. The benefits are many.

First of all, they grip the scopes well. I've never had a scope move with Warne rings installed. They grip the tubes from the side firmly, and I've also never crimped an aluminum scope tube while installing them.

After aligning your scope during installation, the scope stays put before the rings are fully tightened. This is quite a joy compared to the sheet steel Weaver type that just after all the fiddling is apparently over, your scope is just where you want it, you give it that last little tightening of the strap and whoops, the scope suddenly cants, and you get to do it all over again. Those days, and the days of ridiculous aluminum see-through rings, are thankfully long gone.

If you have a decent piece of glass, it is a pleasure to get that scope off and safely out of the way when cleaning your rifle. No chance of solvents or crud getting on your glass; I appreciate that.

The medium height rings have done a fine job for me with most rifles, using scopes with 32mm to 44mm objectives. A few exposed hammer guns need high rings, and that is also likely to be the case if you are a super-large objective fan.

They fit any standard Weaver style cross-slot base, so you need not search for proprietary bases. Typically, I use Weaver Steel Grand Slam bases (or Warne) where possible; I believe Warne makes them both. The Weaver Grand Slams are easier to find in some areas.

The Warne Maxima QR bases hold the zero during the remove and replace sequence that takes just moments. I never have been able to detect a POI shift, and after confirming a rifle prior to hunt they stay zeroed.

Many scopes are waterproof, but few are mud-proof. On that hunt of a lifetime, well, sometimes stuff happens. The scope comes off instantly, and you are good to go with your irons if need be. When traveling, I carry a second scope all ringed up and sighted in. If, for whatever reason, there is a scope problem that is easily solved with a minute's scope change.

Also, for combination hunts, you may want a lower power scope for one type of animal, and more magnification for another. That was the case on a hunt earlier this year where I popped a Russian boar with a 1.5 x 6 x 36 Bushnell Elite 4200, but switched to a Sightron SII 3 x 12 x 42 Mil-Dot for a mouflon that was assuredly going to be longer range. It worked like a charm; the pig is in the freezer, the mouflon on the wall.

For those would rather have one quality scope than any number of junkers, Warne QR rings can help there as well. It is easy to move a quality scope from gun-to-gun, normally only the front ring has to be moved. That came in handy during some extended period scope testing.

Warne Quick Release Maxima rings are just a great product. Once you use them you'll find it hard to settle for anything less. Most quality dealers stock these rings; you can get them from Brownells. For more info see warnesscopemounts.com online.

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