Western Security Gun Safes

By Chuck Hawks

Western Security Gun Safes
Illustration courtesy of Western Security.

Western Security manufactures gun safes in Eugene, Oregon. These are generally strong, utilitarian safes rather than showpieces. The standard exterior powder coat finish colors are brown, white, black, green and textured silver. Decoration is limited to gold pin striping around the door. For those who want a fancier safe, options such as a gold handle and dial, electronic lock and custom colors are available.

Western Security gun safes are available in sizes that hold from 10 to 39 long guns. They are available with gun storage or executive interiors and if the interior layout of one of the standard models does not fit your needs, Western Security can custom build an interior that does.

Western Security gun safes are manufactured with welded, 100% inspected 10 gauge steel bodies. The door (the usual point of attack by burglars) is fabricated with a �" steel outer panel. Inside the door there are 1" diameter, one-piece, locking bolts to secure the door. (Six bolts protrude from each side of the door in my safe.) The door is mounted on massive steel hinges and recessed 1" to prevent prying attack. The door lock is a heavy-duty LaGuard group II UL approved, changeable combination type with a key locking dial that is protected by a stainless steel anti-drill plate and bash plate. The heavy-duty handle that opens the door has a built-in shear pin to defeat the use of force.

Western Security offers a Fire Pac option. This adds an inner metal liner and two layers of 5/8" UL listed fireboard insulation to increase fire and heat resistance.

My Western Security gun safe is one of the larger models, measuring about 40" wide, 24" deep and 72" tall. It was specially ordered with a hybrid interior. It has storage space for nine long guns on the lower left side (three racks each holding three guns) that takes up about � of the interior width and shelving across the rest of the interior for ammunition, handguns and camera equipment. The floor of the safe is carpeted fiberboard and the fiberboard shelves are finished with brown felt cloth that matches the exterior of the safe. The shelves are adjustable and removable so that the interior can be configured or reconfigured, within reason, to suit the owner's specific needs.

I have used my Western Security gun safe for several years with complete satisfaction. The only maintenance that has ever been required is periodically tightening the handle, which loosens on its shaft with use. Just remove the quarter size black patch over the head of the handle and tighten the Allan head bolt thus revealed with a wrench to remove excessive play.

There is no gun safe that cannot be defeated given enough time and skill, but Western Security safes are serious, no nonsense protection at a price well below that of most competing brands. Western Security has dealers in many Oregon towns.

Addendum: Late in 2007 Western Security was purchased by Myrmo & Son, who has discontinued the manufacture of gun safes. In the middle of December, 2007 there were only two close-out gun safes (both 10 gun models) remaining.

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